Sunday Evenings


Our Evening Church Service meets at 7:00pm-8.30pm. We warmly encourage you to come along any week at 6:30pm and meet folk over food before we begin.

For many of us church can be daunting, even a little strange. Our Evening Service is a church service with a relaxed atmosphere that still has all the important things that a traditional and Biblical church should be doing.

The service begins each week with some music that both praises God and is a way of teaching and encouraging one another. Join in or just listen.

We’d like to think that our church is for everyone- whether you've never really looked into Christianity, have big questions that you'd like answering, are a new Christian or have been a follower of Jesus for a long time- everyone is welcome! We hope that each Sunday Evening service is informative, challenging and engaging for everyone.

Each service we then look at a section of the Bible together and see what it teaches us about these big issues. We'd like everyone who comes to see how the person and work of Jesus Christ helps us with all of these questions.

After the service is formally finished most of us hang around for a drink.

Please join us one Sunday!