Coming Up, Autumn 2017

Coming up this Autumn we have 3 exciting events. Check back soon for more as we head on towards Christmas!

1. Christian Institute Meeting, 4th October 8pm
The Christian Institute's tagline is "Standing for Christ in the Public Square". On Wednesday 4th October they will be holding a meeting at St Andrew's to bring the latest news on their work in the public sphere.
2. Film night at the Goat, 17th October 7:15pm
We'll be watching the hilarious film 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' at The Goat on Fulham Road, followed by a short reflection on the film. 25% off all food and drink. Click here for more info.
3. Light night Open Church, 31st October 5pm
While at Halloween the world may seem very dark, we'll be celebrating that Jesus is the light who came into our world, with our Family light party. Open to everyone.
Please contact the church office for further information and see our Calendar for other things taking place.